Musical instruments
and their families

In this workshop Yuval will teach about the different families to include: Brass, woodwind, strings, percussions and keys.

Yuval is a multi instrumentalist and will bring, play and explore the following instruments :

Trumpet, French Horn, Recorder, Flute, saxophone, harmonica, guitar, violin, percussions, glockenspiel and keyboard.

In this workshop he will explain how each instrument produce its sound, playing technique and range.

Requirements: A piano could be nice to have

Duration 45 min

Age group

KS1 Age 5-7

KS2 Age 7-11

Up to 60 participants

Klezmer workshop

Let’s learn about Klezmer Music and listen to it played live

Yuval and Oleg from the Klezmozarts group will explain about Klezmer music, scales , rhythms and history.

Yuval and Oleg will play acoustically on Clarinet and accordion.

There is no need for sound system for average school hall size

Duration: 45 min

Age group recommendation

KS2 Age 7-11

KS3 Age 11-13

Up to 120 participants

Music and science

In this workshop Yuval explains about the science behind the sounds and music we hear.

Frequencies, and physics suddenly become interesting.

Yuval will bring a gramophone. Dog whistle and several musical instruments

Duration: 45 min

Age group recommendation

KS2 Age 7-11

KS3 Age 11-13

Up to 60 participants

Song Writing workshop

Composition, rhyming, tempos, flow of words, stress of vowels

Let Yuval guide the students in this fun workshop

Let’s go creative !

Duration: 1 hour

Age group recommendation KS3 Age 11-13

KS4 Age 14-16

KS5 Age 16-18

Up to 30 participants